Have you ever reimagined anything in your life? If you haven’t, start now!

GOQii started with a mission to help people make a permanent shift in their lifestyle. It was such a disruptive idea to begin with. Least we realised that we have to fight our biggest competitor ‘Laziness’ and ‘Lack of Motivation’ that is estranging people from adapting a healthy lifestyle. However, we managed to get people to change their habits and get active.

How did we manage this? We managed with our band of care team that includes health experts, coaches, doctors and incentivised people with our several services and got people motivated to be healthy. We have upgraded our band from merely helping people to check step count and KM walked to now being able to track and measure their BP and heart rate. Our data suggests that 93 times in a year BP is monitored by each user. Now, we are at the cusp of taking this disruptive idea to its next stage. It’s time for us to #ReimagineHealth.

People have already been tracking their activities such as step, water intake, sleep cycles, food intake, BP and Heart Rate with the help of wearable. The real game changer, however, lies in the ability to make previously untapped information accessible to health care providers and Insurance companies.

From wearables to body implants in the future, there is going to be a Big Data paradigm shift and personal data will be leveraged for a wide range of purposes. Data will have a significant impact, specifically on the entire healthcare ecosystem where data aggregated can drastically reform the way in which patients and care providers interact.

We are aiming to change and get people to move away from a reactive and cure based healthcare approach to adapt to a preventive healthcare system. Last year we gauged the trust index of the people of India on the healthcare system and found that 93% did not trust the healthcare system, this year GOQii India Fit Report 2019-Insurance: An Investment in Health, we have been able to understand people’s attitude and concerns about Health Insurance. Having said this, the report also takes an indepth look at How fit is India?

Vishal Gondal

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